Robots is a game where you control a robot and try to survive as long as you can. Other robots will spawn and attack you. But fear not! Dodge their bullets and fire your own to destroy them and gain loot and other goodies. These will help to upgrade your robot.



Up - Move forwards 

Down - Move backwards 

Left - Turn left 

Right - Turn right 

Space - Shoot 

Shift - Show ingame hud 


 In the bottom left you have dpad, which works like you would expect. In the bottom right you have two buttons. The right one, will shoot if you press it and the left one will show the hud.


 Comprehensive battle system 

 Your robot has 4 main states, namely attack, defense, speed and health. Attack and defense are used for damage calculation once your robot is hit. The formula is quite complex and tweaked, such that you last at least a few hits before you die. Speed controls not only your translation speed but also how fast you can rotate. And health is the most important stat you need to focus on. Once it drops below zero you are dead. Don't worry! Your health is replenished after killing an enemy robot. 


There are several possibilities to gain loot within the game. The most obvious one is to open chests by destroying them. Once they are opened you get a persistent boost of one of your main stats. So do not focus that much on killing robots and get some chests too! 


Every once in a while there spawns a boss robot. There will be a special notification for this event. The boss will be displayed as a red dot on the minimap. But be careful the boss has way better stats than any other robot including yourself (probably). Also the boss has special attacks like the stun jump and a periodic meteor hail. Each robot will explode instantaneously upon boss collision. Boss fights are only for the best of the best. But believe me it is worth it. According to the legend one will receive its power when a boss dies! 


The world of Bots is dangerous by itself. But pay attention to your surroundings. There are random events, which you should avoid. This can randomly placed oil on the road, which will slow you down or even meteors dropping from the sky, which will likely kill you instantly. Sometimes the earth shatters for no reason, stunning each robot nearby for a certain time. 


 Keep everything in sight by using your hud. Simply press shift (or tap the button when you are on mobile) and show your HUD. This contains information about yourself, the current robots ranking based on their level and a basic help as well as a "how to". Never get lost with your HUD!

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